This is a list for VA/VFA-27 squadron personell. If you were ever assigned to VA/VFA-27, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all Royal Maces.

There are 537 Royal Maces in the roster.

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ID First Name Last Name Nick Name
Call Sign
Job Years
Aircraft Squadron Stationed Deployments Email
549RichBanks LTJGDriver1969-70A7-AVA-27LemooreConstellation
548BobMullinax ADJ2Fixer3A7-AVA27LemooreWESTPAC 68 & 69-70
547GeoffreyJohnsonRodgeAK3Material Control1996F-18VFA-27LemmoreRim Pac
546RandyLaughlin E4Plane captain, AE shop1980-1984A7VA-27NAS Lemore81/82, 83
545SherondaAllenChickenheadAN to IT2Support2000-2004FA-18cVFA-27AtsugiMultiple... Including Diego Garcia after 9/11
544TiannaHass AT2Fixer2000-2005F/A-18VFA-27NAF AtsugiOEF, OIF, Southern Watch, all others in between.
543Kenneth Iven  AME3 Seat Mech 3Superhornet VFA-27NAS Atsugi 0
542DavidSisk E3-AOSupport1967-1969A7aVA-27lemoore68-69
541andrewpincockhandsomeae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
540andrewpincockhandsomeae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
539andrewpincock ae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
538andrewpincock ae2shop3a7aaztecNew MexicoUnited States
537JohnMarcilWhiskey ONEAVCMMMCPO2004-2008F/A-18EVFA-27Atsugi, Japan2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
536JaySweetmanBoogerAMS 2120/12C1988 to 1992A7E&FA18VA 27&VFA 27NASL1988 & 1990 
535MichaelSzot AT2Fixer1998-2002F-18C lot 12VFA-27ATSUGIyep
534JohnLaCasse AE3Fixer2A-7EVA-27NAS LemooreWorld Cruise 83
533AlfredoDelamercedDelAMEAA-AME2AME/TroubleshooterDEC97-JAN01F/A-18CVFA-27Atsugi98 Gulf, 98 Crossdeck, 99 Gulf, 98/99/2000 Foal Eagle
532W. "Lee"Radu ADJ 3PC, AF/PP FD Trouble-shooter1971 - 1974A7-EVA 27Lemoore / CVAN 65 Enterprise2 Cruises, Line Backers I & II
531BryanWeatherbee AK1/AKCMaterial Control1981 to 1984A7EVA-27NAS Lemoore/Coral SeaWestpac and world cruise
529MichaelTerry E3AO367-69 plank ownerA7A Corsair llVA27 NAS LemooreWestpac 68-69 USS Constellation
528PaulGilbert Flounder AMH3 Plane captain 2A7-E Va-27Lemore West PAC 86 
527PaulGilbert AMH3Support2A7-E corsair 2Vero beachFLUnited States
526TedFrederickFredAO3Support4A7- FA 18BothNas lemooreYes
525TedFrederickFredAO3Support4A7- FA 18BothNas lemooreYes
524JoshuaHaneyDizAE2Troubleshooters/Electric Shop2007-2009F/A-18 Super HornetVFA-27NAF Atsugi, JapanCV63(Last Ride) Westpac (Various) 
523Carmen Leva Plane Captain/AE3Fixer3HornetVFA 27Nas Lemoore/ Naf AtsugiWestpac 94
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